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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Grading papers and doing laundry. Joy.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another post.

Trying out my new iphone4!!! Finally upgraded from the (ancient) original model.

SEE Team goes to New Orleans

SEE Team went to New Orleans to do ecological restoration during the summers of 2007, 2008, and 2009. We kept blogs. Want to learn more about our trips?



This is cool.

I like this Posterous thing.  I like being able to post from email. SWEEEEET.

Blue-footed booby

One of the many creatures in the galapagos islands!

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Check out my posterous account at http://jwaldock.posterous.com/

I started a Posterous account as my Thing #1 for 17 Things to Chew On. I hadn't really heard about Tumblr or Posterous prior to today. I had seen "Tumblr" referenced on various websites and what not but never understood that these sites are like mini-blogs. I like the idea of not having to always log into the blog itself to make a post. Having the flexibility to post short blasts from my phone or email is great. I can literally post on the run! (Now I just need to get a group of followers who will actually care about what I post)!

Perhaps that group could be students! I could see using this Posterous account to post interesting things that are happening in the math world, education world, or pop-culture world. Things that might interest my students. I could require them to have an account that would allow them to make comments to my posts. Hmmm....we'll see where this goes.

For now - enjoy a few random pictures of former SEE Team students, my nephew Sam, and me, currently in the RB lab working on this post!

17 Things --- ROUND 2!!!

Well, here I go again. 17 Things to Chew On, Round Dos.

I am excited for the challenge that this strand brings.